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The secret to success is to follow your instincts, train hard and keep going when it get’s tough. Following your natural instincts is so important. It will allow you to go in YOUR OWN natural way. That, together with a lot of hard work, and even harder training will have you on your path to success. The last thing is one of the most important parts of achieving success: to keep going even when it get’s tough.

Varick Addler is a lifetime member of the MAA-I World Black Belt Council. Currently Varick completed a special Military Boot Camp Training, to get ready as the next Bad Guy in upcoming international productions like Star Wars or James Bond 007.

This also includes refreshing his Wing Chun skills … with Grand Master David Dautremay.

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Out for Vengeance (2017)


Visual action/thriller story around courage, brotherhood and revenge between borders of society. The story revolves around a man who takes matters in his own hands after investigation led to him as a murdersuspect. Not only his experience in military operations and his martial arts skills but because his cop brother can get pulled of the case, Alan decides to hide for authorities in Holland to prove innocence. Slowly he’s on track leading to a gang, but meanwhile his innocence is proved by a murder tape. Alan then gets to know the victim, a young dutch women who chases him for helping out, soon they get closer. When the gang decides to kidnap Vanessa for crucial information her killed boyfriend had on their stolen narcotics, investigation still keeps ongoing. Alan, frustrated by a slow investigation finally decides to ask help of his uncle Tarik (played by Mr. Michel Qissi from “Kickboxer” & “Bloodsport” with Mr. Jean-Claude van Damme) yet he refused. After his brother Sonny is killed by that gang, Alan is pleased things for Tarik turned around.


TITAN Media Group Roesch GbR, Germany and Varick Addler are Co-Producer of the international True Spirit Entertainment action-thriller production “Out for Vengeance (2017)” and the sequel “Out for Vengeance 2: Back to Revenge (2017)”.


In addition to his part as Co-Producer, he will also take on the role of Mr. German, an expert Interpol agent specialized in anti-terrorism tactics. Mr. German will be involved in heavy shoot-outs with lots of gunfire and well choreographed fighting scenes as well. A great action Actor’s role.

As a continuation of his character, Mr. German, Varick Addler will also be part of the sequel “Out for Vengeance 2: Back to Revenge (2017)”. Due to his strong physical appeal he is intended for a large action role with many action scenes in the style of Jason Statham. That role will definitly help boost his international star in action films.

Now Mr. German is named…

Interpol Agent GERMAN, and he basically comes across as well trained, highly experienced and also a balanced Interpol agent throughout the film.

What he is pursuing is justice, and he takes his career seriously. While getting assembled for these house raid operations, brings him on the lead of Scarf’s cartel (main antagonist). And while he gets very close to catch two of his best henchmen, Ivan & Scarf, he then gets trapped by one of his fellow Interpol agents who decised to eliminate GERMAN before he find out fellow agent KELLER’s ties to Mr. Scarf. Now here in the film, it looks like GERMAN is killed, but in our sequel he of course appears early on in the film, he is not dead and taking revenge and decides to join Alan, who is already in search of the cartelleader. ALAN accepts his offer to help as GERMAN has detailed information on the cartel gang internationally.

And the story continues to Morocco, together with Michel Qissi and many other Action Thriller & Martial Arts Legends!

IMDb “Out For Vengeance (2016)”

IMDb “Out for Vengeance 2: Back to Revenge (2017)”

IMDb Varick Addler

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