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How it all started … a true story!


ONCE UPON A TIME – all great stories or tales start with this legendary words.

Once upon a time (exactly 5 years ago) our project started with an idea that has fascinated us for a long time: the Ancient World. At first we thought of a kind of an incredible, post-apocalyptic journey based on “In 80 Days around the World” with mystical actions plots at the places of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”.

But then, during our research, we found a locked section in the Ancient Library of Alexandria (that’s a true story and pure coincidence) and that should change the whole story forever. We found terrific inexplicable things that found their way into our epic thriller.

The struggle between good and evil, between God and the Antichrist and the many myth figures outside … Much was invented over thousands of years by imaginative and determined greedy figures, but the fundamental evil actually exists and just waits to be awakened and to step into the light.

Evil has many names – they come from different languages and different beliefs, both in Christianity and in Satanism. The most well-known names for the evil are Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub. Satan is described as the prince of hell. Lucifer, however, is a reference to the fallen angel, the name means “light bearer”. We also know the names Abbadon (the destroyer), Asmodi (the devastator), Behemot (the beast), Belial (the evil), Diabolus (the slanderer) or Mephisto (the enemy of light). Other less common names are Astarot, Baphomet and Leviathan. Humans have always tried to explain the existence of evil. Whatever name evil has, it stands for the inevitable: it just waits to be awakened and to step into the light; with the aim of bringing eternal darkness over humanity!

And we have found it!

Humans have always tried to explain the existence of evil. We, too … but this is not an attempt to explain, but rather a reporting of what happened to us on our journey through time and space in long forgotten places!

And so, we created a jumper to the worlds of ancient times – combined with family affairs, love, crime, mysticism, a touch of conspiracy from the state and church to maintain the structures of power and the epic walk between the known & unknown worlds.

The next weeks let us tell you about our incredible but true experiences at the places of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” (as far as we have found them all, including those that were considered forgotten or destroyed).

It’s fascinating. Keep an eye on it!


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The Ancient Library of Alexandria


But then, during our research, we found a locked section in the Ancient Library of Alexandria (that’s a true story and pure coincidence) and that should change the whole story forever. We found terrific inexplicable things that found their way into our epic thriller.

Here, in our second part, this story will now be told: the awakening of ancient evil, manifested in a feeble line of Black Books written in Ten Volumes, each book containing 99,999 pages.

On our second day in Alexandria we decided to get a first impression and just walked through this stunning city full of amazing things to do based on the North coast of Egypt. It felt so good to breathe in fresh air and to could see the Mediterranean sea for miles.

Thousands of years ago, Alexandria was a famous and powerful city. Originally founded by Alexander the Great, all the world’s scripted knowledge at that point in time was held in the Great Library of Alexandria. It used to be the largest library in the world before it was reduced to ashes by a great fire after Julius Caesar was besieged! The lighthouse, which was destroyed in an Earthquake much later, also used to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
We noticed an enchantingly beautiful woman who we met again and again in the most different places … medieval Citadel of Qaitbay, the royal Montazah Palace, Bibliotheca Library and lots of other gems to explore. She was pretty to look at and a hint of mysticism surrounded her … we decided to follow this stranger … She had a little resemblance to Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen … but we softly rejected this thought. The famous Goethe quote: “You only see what you know.” Is not just an empty phrase, but can be used for many areas of life. It describes the fact that we can only notice things about which we have background knowledge. And so often our eyes / minds deceive us! Stupid misstake! Beauty can come from hell as well as from heaven. Evil comes in many forms!
We walked opposite the street (not to attract attention!) and stopped at a shop in which the woman went in!
From outside we could see the shelves lined with books, imprinted on the door were the words Shalom Books. The library looked fascinating and extraordinary, and to some extent, it reminded Michael of the ancient Library of Alexandria, the Royal Library that was built thousands of years ago and the library that no one had been able to decipher its secrets and codes. It was said that Alexander built the library; he gathered the best of his engineers to prepare the best layout when building Alexandria. Yet, when Julius Cesar invaded Alexandria and spread his ships to burn every corner of Alexandria including the mysterious room that was supposed to be hiding the treasures belonging to Cleopatra. It was said that many secret scriptures were hidden inside that secret room but nobody proved to be able to find that door. After burning Alexandria, people were surprised that the only place that wasn’t affected by the fire was that library and everyone started worshipping it and it was rebuilt to exist until these days.
Suddenly an old man opened the door and gestured at us to go in. That had to be Mr. Shalom … We later learned that Mr. Shalom had been in business for over ten years now and were pro at selling and lending of religious books.
The moment we entered the library, something strange and inexplicable happened … which was to be expected in a city like Alexandria.

There was a dead silence. The noise of the street disappeared and ghostly darkness surrounded us. The walls of the library began to dissolve until we could only see dark shadows next to us! It was as if we had been swallowed up by the earth, caught in a dark dream … time stood still … how long no one could say … a cold breath came towards us. Something stirred in the darkness. Something uncanny, not to be seen, not to be grasped. Blackness in the darkness. And yet we felt that there was something there.

Suddenly the light returned … we were still in the library. Daydreams are pictorial illusions and fantasies comparable to dreams that are experienced in the conscious state of consciousness. Was this such a daydream?

Hard to imagine … There is something mystical, floating, almost unreal about this situation. Everything is so different, this place, so strange and yet familiar. A dull, musty smell rose in our noses and the air smelled of old books. The smell of a long dead place betrayed the change. Mr. Shalom, who had asked us in kindly, was gone. In general, everything looked a little different! We decided to leave the library … but the door was locked and the key was gone. There was only one direction we could take. Forward, deeper into the unknown … A narrow passage stretched into the darkness, which was only interrupted at long intervals by the glow of tiny candles. Small cells were on either side of the corridor. The whole place had the creepy atmosphere of a huge underground tomb. We were sure that we had never seen this library in our lives, and yet everything looked intimate and familiar. There was also an inner voice that urged us to continue.

We winced inside.

There was a beautiful female figure at the end of the hallway, sitting on a golden chair, dressed from head to toe with a floor-length dress and veil, about the size of the mysterious woman we almost forgot.

There was a huge snake in front of her, it bit her and when the woman woke up again, the snake would bite her once and twice. It was as if biting would never end. Looking closely, it seemed that the woman’s face was familiar, the way she looked; the way she was dressed made it sure that the woman was the beautiful Cleopatra. The Egyptian legend of beauty was lying in Hades letting her snake bite her endlessly. It seemed as if she was dying every minute just the same way she was said to have died thousands of years ago, it all seemed like a dark nightmare, when the queen of beauty decided to end her life by letting a huge snake bite her together with her maids. There and even though she was experiencing the worst fate ever, Cleopatra was still singing to the power of her father, the love for her lover, the muse, the woman of twists and her turns; she looked as strong as she was with Julius Cesar, as if time drove her back to her throne when time would roll back again.

Her lips formed words we couldn’t understand! It was a different language, long forgotten and only a few could understand it, speak even less!

We signaled that we couldn’t understand her and somehow we were happy that it was. Everything incomprehensible, everything where we perceive an effect without a cause, is excellent what fills us with terror and horror.

You don’t have to understand the world, you just have to find your way in it. But we were miles away from that!

Some moments of silence dominated while we were still feeling the presence of that mighty one Queen of Egypt not far from us; then we heard a deep voice saying:

Welcome to the glorious Alexandria!
Welcome to the Antique Library!
Your journey begins here.
Let us see that you will do what you will be requested to, find the unnamed books of Revelation and free the horsemen of the Apocalypse from their captivity lasting for thousands of years, follow these horsemen, they will lead you to the mighty Rings of Power and never lose their trace for you will never be able to embrace your old self again, hang in tightly to the curtains of power and darkness, and swear that you will always keep this secret no matter what you encounter, in the desert, underwater or even in the sky, never touch, never try to know more than you are allowed to or you will be lost in the black hole before achieving your role. Be artistic in what you do, never try to get revealed or make friends to speak to, make darkness your only friend and touch the wound of a snake, only then you can except yourself to be the chosen one, and only then you will become the proper person I was seeking for ages; get prepared for the adventure you are about to dive in has no equal not even in the history of the Seven Wonders of the World. You have only one thing to trust and you have to figure it out, swear by the hopes of your future and you will acquire weapons you never heard or seen before. You will enter places you never dreamt of crossing its borders. Make this solemn and sincere oath and you will never be deceived.

With the last word, Cleopatra also disappeared and unspeakable calm remained!

According to the current state of science, time travel to the past is in principle not possible. Existing theories that such a trip is possible are speculative and controversial. In any case, it is undisputed that the practical implementation of such theories by humans is impossible in the foreseeable future.

A physically feasible journey into the past is possible as a pure observation if you look into space with a telescope, since the speed of light is finite. You can see the sun as it was 8 minutes ago. The observation of quasars allows a view of the universe billions of years ago.

Kurt Gödel discovered in 1949 that a solution to general relativity, in which the universe rotates, enables an object to return to its own past. Such a universe is called the Gödel universe (R universe).

We openly admit that there is a lack of explanations, for this and certainly a lot more, we confess that we are unable to give them to the satisfaction of those who ask us to, unless we added, taking advantage of the reader’s gullibility and refusing to respect the logic of events, new unrealities to the already existing unreality of this story, but such falsifications inevitably endanger credibility, yet none of the above, we repeat, none of the above means that we were not in a place that had been destroyed by the purgatory of evil for thousands of years … facts are facts, and this one counts, whether you like it or not, to the order of the irrefutable. There can be no better proof of this than the sight of Cleopatra himself now before us, wrapped in her robe, sitting on her chair, with a completely captivating expression on the relief of her wonderful face.

We were in ancient Egypt.

We were in the Ancient Library of Alexandria in search of a mysterious collection of Black Books without a name, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Rings of Power, and a curse that was forcibly imposed on us and was to become our oath.

It took quite a while to recover from what we had experienced and review what had just happened here.

We looked around and in fact we were not in a shabby little library, but more and more corridors and rooms reveal an impressive and powerful collection of books and other works.

Alexandria library was said to have historical maps of the underworld and many tried to steal those maps but it was said that a magical power prevented them from doing so, it was believed that the big cat belonging to Cleopatra stood for centuries to guard the door and black magic together with curses would change the place of the entrance regularly so that no one could ever enter it until late times. That library was of great importance to the Romanian empire, one of the most important libraries of the ancient world and its idea rather started in the Hellenistic era right in the middle of the city of Pergamum in Antalya. The library was said to be containing more than two hundred thousand books and volumes that Cleopatra received from Marc Anthony as a present.

Even though long time passed, the historical power of the library had been preserved and watching it had always been fascinating for every guest especially for its engineering, its huge main reading room in which stood the statue of Athens, the goddess of wisdom, and the room was filled with many shelves and walls that allowed air to rotate and moisten the air.

Ok, so far so good … We passed the shelves for what felt like an eternity and rummaged through some strange books. Suddenly, a small paper fell from one book; a note was written on it. We picked it up and read it, it said “If you have found this note, then I must be dead, and you, by coming up here and reading this note, are allowed to know who I was, someone living between the lines, a person who had suffered in silence, but his voice was silenced, I was a man no one knew, a man who was buried in a well for a crime I didn’t commit. I belong to Orshalim, I used to work as a simple farmer and every day, I would go to a close river where I would try my luck on catching some fishes to feed my family, one day, I caught three fishes, one green fish, the other red and the third was blue, I was happy to take them to the governor and sell them to him but before arriving at his house, those three fishes became human and they asked me to free them but instead they will lead me to the cave of treasure; I had no choice but to follow them, they told me the treasure was incredible and they were all guardians to that treasure ever since they were young; they would only get out to bring some food but they had a condition which was to keep that cave secret; one day one of them revealed the secret to his mother, and led the two other guardians to be cursed into fishes by the genie who owned the cave. They spent years in that form until I caught them; when I entered the cave, I couldn’t believe that I became rich and I gathered as much gold and jewels as I could and after that I went out of the cave while the three guardians went back inside. I was surprised as I got out to find that I was in the middle of a desert and I was lost, I tried to find my home but I dwelled in the desert for more than ten years in vain, I started throwing away the gold in the path until I arrived at a small village where I told them my story and built gave them all the money I had and asked them to build a school and a library with it and I wrote this note so that people can learn from my story.”

The longer we stayed in this place, the more indescribable the experience became. Every book was a rarity, every moment unique, every step against good sense … I believe that the fear that you have when you stand on an abyss is in fact a longing. A longing to drop – or to spread your arms and fly.

Suddenly we stopped our journey when we heard a scream. It was clearly the voice of a woman, a frightened woman … very close to us!

A scared woman’s scream echoed through the library halls and we were distracted for a moment, but then we heard her voice again:

Help. I need help!

The screams whirled through the air. The creatures of the night seemed to cry, laugh, roar, and scream.

We hurried through a dark hall lined with statues. We came into a large hall that shimmered dark gray and was higher than a mountain.

The strange voice sounded crying and pleading at the same time.

And then we saw her storm into the hall. She was scared and out of breath but seemed unharmed. For a second, all of our eyes were on her, …

My name is Marie … Marie Corlandt and I am looking for my children! We have to go back to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Her eyes widened when she saw us … apparently, we weren’t what she expected.

These visions … the dreams. Are they …? She broke off, didn’t want to say what was going through her head, but she had to do it. Do you have these visions too? Visions of things that have already happened … or of events in the future, things that can be changed?

Who are you? Where are you from? We are in trouble!

What story would we have now?! We didn’t know, but one thing was obvious: this unknown woman held an ancient, heavy book with mystical ornaments in her hand, on the cover of which was clearly read: The Unnamed Book.


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The Marie-Therese Corlandt-Chronicles


Here you can subscripe for SATAN’S Newsletter and help find the “Rings of Power”:

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