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PLOT 1 . How it all started … a true story!

ONCE UPON A TIME – all great stories or tales start with this legendary words.

Once upon a time (exactly 5 years ago) our project started with an idea that has fascinated us for a long time: the Ancient World. At first we thought of a kind of an incredible, post-apocalyptic journey based on “In 80 Days around the World” with mystical actions plots at the places of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”.

But then, during our research, we found a locked section in the Ancient Library of Alexandria (that’s a true story and pure coincidence) and that should change the whole story forever. We found terrific inexplicable things that found their way into our epic thriller.

The struggle between good and evil, between God and the Antichrist and the many myth figures outside … Much was invented over thousands of years by imaginative and determined greedy figures, but the fundamental evil actually exists and just waits to be awakened and to step into the light.

Evil has many names – they come from different languages and different beliefs, both in Christianity and in Satanism. The most well-known names for the evil are Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub. Satan is described as the prince of hell. Lucifer, however, is a reference to the fallen angel, the name means “light bearer”. We also know the names Abbadon (the destroyer), Asmodi (the devastator), Behemot (the beast), Belial (the evil), Diabolus (the slanderer) or Mephisto (the enemy of light). Other less common names are Astarot, Baphomet and Leviathan. Humans have always tried to explain the existence of evil. Whatever name evil has, it stands for the inevitable: it just waits to be awakened and to step into the light; with the aim of bringing eternal darkness over humanity!

And we have found it!

Humans have always tried to explain the existence of evil. We, too … but this is not an attempt to explain, but rather a reporting of what happened to us on our journey through time and space in long forgotten places!

And so, we created a jumper to the worlds of ancient times – combined with family affairs, love, crime, mysticism, a touch of conspiracy from the state and church to maintain the structures of power and the epic walk between the known & unknown worlds.

The next weeks let us tell you about our incredible but true experiences at the places of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” (as far as we have found them all, including those that were considered forgotten or destroyed).

It’s fascinating. Keep an eye on it!

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Imperium Romanum SE Societas Europaea, Executive

NO L!M!TS – The Mission a Martial Arts Action Thriller by Grandmaster David Dautremay and @varickaddler Casting Call

NO L!M!TS (The Mission)

Feature Film | Non-Union | Filming in: United Kingdom, Europe, United States

NO L!M!TS is a Martial Arts Action Thriller by the famous Martial Arts Guru and Grandmasters David Dautremay. Production Company is the German based TITAN MEDIA GROUP and award-winning Producer Varick Addler.

IMDb Casting Call



(…)Where has he gone? Big Brother? Doesn’t he see it? Doesn’t he care? Now that we have dead children on our shores, crying mothers by our fences, broken families, desperate times, desperate measures. Isn’t that all there is to surveil? The sorrow of human nature? But what do I know? I’m just a man. I’m just one man. One man against a brave new world! I am Smith! Winston Smith, pleased to meet you.

I know… I make no sense. But how to make sense of oneself in these times we’re living? I know… I ask a lot of questions. What answers have I got? What answers could I possibly have to give? The world has come to an outrageous state of things. I do not know what Orwell or Huxley would say. I cannot tell if they saw into the future, if they predicted it, if they inspired it. All I know is that things, as they are… Well, they cannot be!

There is this quote. People say it is Buddha’s (could one really know?). It says that three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Well, I say, sure as hell they can. Big Brother does it. He follows us everywhere. He watches us, he guides us, he tells us what to think, how to feel, where to live, whom to love. He conceals, he manipulates, he lies – he hides the sun, the moon, and hell yeah… the truth! He “takes care” of us. I say we can take care of ourselves! We are not always sure of what we want, but we know exactly what we don’t, and that’s a start.

We live in a world where Donald Trump is running for President. And can we blame the man? I mean… everyone has the right to be a jerk. But having a shot at winning this? Becoming Mr. President? Come on! Whose fault is it? That is not on him. People have been brainwashed. I refuse to believe they can be so stupid… but brainwashed… who knows…

And what about Europe? What about memory, huh? Guns, germs and steel, all right… but what about history? What about consciousness? Isn’t hindsight an asset? What about mercy? What about compassion, and kindness, and empathy? Have we all gone heartless? Are we soulless creatures just wandering around the world, with no purpose whatsoever?

I have trouble sleeping at night, thinking of how much pain, how much grief a tiny 5- year-old child carries across the Mediterranean. And then the door is closed. And then daddy is lost. And then food is short. And then we don’t belong, we don’t speak the language, we’re not educated enough, we’re not good enough, we’re not white enough. Xenophobia… a long word, isn’t it? But it’s not that… it’s the economy!! Oh my, the economy! This fictional critter! This fable! Our scapegoat! They cannot come in… they will steal our jobs! They will colonize us! They will take over!

Enough! I say we fight! We must and we can! Today! Right now!
Again, Donald Trump is running for President, for Christ’s sake! Trump!!! They play that on us, and then what? They expect us to do nothing? To sit back and watch? Well, I say we take it to the streets! That’s my answer! No more fences! No more walls! No more manipulation! Freedom! We want freedom all the way!

I hear something.
I have to go. I don’t have much time. They’re coming for me (…)

Open Investor Roles
We are seeking a Producer, a creative collaborator who builds and oversees the film’s production apparatus, secures financing for the film and rides point on its distribution and marketing. He initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, contracting and arranging for distributors. He is involved throughout all phases of the process from development to completion of a project. IF YOU ARE A PRODUCER driven by passion and willing to face obstacles, who is looking for original material to work with an enthusiastic Storyteller to start making a great film – then I would love to talk to you.

Open Actor/Actress Roles
The casting process has just begun and we owe each individual application the attention it deserves. We’ll start soon reviewing the received applications and to build up our Creative List – send your initiative application here:

IMDb Details

to be continued…

TITAN iMEDIA Golden Era Syndicate Gang (also known as TITAN Media Group Rösch GbR) is a young Film Productions Company with great ambitions and much greater visions! founded by award-winning actor, Adriaen Valéry Burgis.

Together with our partners from the Entertainment Industry worldwide, we are “the last of the Shamans, the Keepers of Fantasy, Knights Templar of the Creative!!” with best contacts.


IMDb “Rainbow Bridge”


Rainbow Bridge is a legendary love story such as Pretty Woman, a romantic drama about a second chance of hope and the turmoils on the the search for happiness. It’s a dark cautionary tale with conflicts, everyday problems, seductions, setbacks, and deeply moving emotional moments …

Life is in chaos for Emily, she is estranged from her family, suspended from work and has no one she loves, her only solace is her addiction to cocaine. Her attempt to take her life is foiled by the handsome neighbor, Peter.

Peter is a man who has grown up with the perfect life and feels Emily deserves another chance of life, one empty of drugs and with happiness. To her there’s no way out until he shows her what love and happiness truly means. Together they will battle the canker-worm of addiction and dramas that come their way. It is not an easy path and they will have to go beyond their limits and find out where they truly belong and if it is worth fighting for.

Rainbow bridge is an emotional story of a second chance of hope and the turmoils on the road to recovery and the search for happiness.

Book Review

Rainbow Bridge: The Story of Peter and Emily –

got a 5 star rating from Readers’ Favorite and is nominated for the 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Best Book Award.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Rainbow Bridge: The Story of Peter and Emily is a young adult romance novel written by Varick Addler. When the letter came, Emily had had more than enough of disciplinary time off from work. The parties at night had exhausted her, and she knew she looked terrible from all the substance abuse. She wanted to get back to work, but instead she discovered that the letter she had hoped would welcome her back to her job was actually a termination notice. That was the final straw, she thought. She had expected a second chance and had gotten none. Something in her decided her only recourse was to take her own life, end it for good. Peter, her neighbor, wondered why he hadn’t been seeing her for some weeks now. While he’d never be considered a stalker or anything creepy, he had a bit of a thing for Emily and would like to get to know her better if he weren’t a bit girl-shy. When he saw her windows and the mailbox open in the pouring rain, he decided that he had to check up on her. Peter knew where she kept her spare key, and, when knocking on her door failed to get a response, he went inside to find her. She was in her bed, lying pale and still, her body cold, but he was thrilled to find a weak pulse. Wrapping a cloth around the gash in her wrist after calling 911, Peter waited and prayed.

Varick Addler’s young adult romance novel, Rainbow Bridge: The Story of Peter and Emily, chronicles the love of a young stockbroker for a recovering cocaine addict, one who had tried to quit several times before her suicide attempt. Their fairy tale romance is not without the struggles and stresses that are part and parcel of coping with addiction. Addler’s treatment of the steps necessary for combating addiction is compassionate and detailed, and he carefully addresses the motivations and support system an addict needs to quit. Another aspect of the story worth mentioning is the impact domestic abuse has on families, including those who are not directly victimized. This is a well-written and compelling love story with characters I quickly began to care about.

Rainbow Bridge: The Story of Peter and Emily is highly recommended.

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Satanic Verses – A New Era

An Indiegogo/Kickstarter Epic-Movie, a modern “Lord of the Ring,” a jumper to the worlds of ancient times – combined with family affairs, love, crime, mysticism, a touch of conspiracy from the state and church to maintain the structures of power.


Of Lucifer’s first disobedience, the word ‘no’ was born. And with the height of that pleasant, but the doomed pleasure of seeking eternity with the apple tree, Lucifer had spread his wings on humanity for years and centuries to come. He paved the way for betrayal. He who pushed humans to fall in hell, in a horrific landscape crowded with suffering, with burning heat, with a red flash of fire twilight, and swirling ashes drew our destiny. The pain he caused made the time sway like an angry wave. Lucifer’s battle with the realm of human beings had started by bringing them not only down into a world of the unknown but made people his subjects.

Michael Corlandt was no exception. Being an ordinary American citizen, Michael used to live happily than anyone could imagine. He considered his marriage the best spell that he had enjoyed. His veterinarian wife Marie made his dreams come true. She had always tried to be the best for him, the dreams, the rain, the dust, the breeze, the sun and the moon. Giving birth to two smart sons made their life rosy, just like a dream under a peach tree in spring and like a heavenly sky clear and stainless like glass.

Yet, glass breaks one day, once Michal starts to feel lost, to slide into the world of shades; the world of incertitude. Feeling oppressed and suffering due to inequalities that swept the entire world made Michael start to get interested in politics and step by step, he became obsessed with news, new and news. Everywhere he went, Michael expressed his anger and dissatisfaction towards the injustice he sees in front of his eyes that deprived people from living happily. And day by day, Michael’s began to lose his ability to focus, his feelings, his love, his calmness and became always dwelled in his illusions. Dreams started chasing him; nightmares haunted his nights and changed his life once and for all.

And it was Michael’s trip to the Pyramids of Giza that turned out to be a turning point in his life. Marie enjoyed the wonders of Giza with the kids, but her husband Michael was the only one who was able to see through the wonders of Giza Pyramids, a power that no one had ever known before. Discovering the Pyramids opened the way not only to a new door and a new light but to Michael, it managed to unlock the first seal of darkness. One that couldn’t be seen for centuries and Michael was the chosen one to get in the world of Lucifer.

With the door he had opened, a new man was born and a new master would lead. Losing the power to balance his feelings made Michael eager to serve his new master. Lucifer was the new leader and that moment marked the dry end of a happy marriage. The prince of darkness made Michael not only his subject but also his loyal agent who was ready to follow his moods and his orders. For when Michael opened the Pyramid’s door, he didn’t realize that he knocked down the apple onto the ground. Exiled, he became, new to his world and his family, Michael started to follow the orders of his new lord and living according to his new terms.

But when someone feels like a guest in his own house, it becomes unbearable to stay still. That was why Michael took his sons and followed the orders of his master, but where, why and what are his plans?

No one was able to find out, not even Marie who, between a day and a night, became a lost soul looking for her lost family and kidnapped children, will Marie be able to trace her husband and find the clues to her sons? Or what was about to happen was not reciprocal?  Will Michael be able to get rid of the summer solstice, that bright Sun that was far distant from the ground, from the greatness of Khufu’s Great Pyramid there at Giza where the scarlet Phoenix swapped with its greatness across the Nile?

Can the world be saved from Lucifer before the flames passed to fire?


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