The Art Of Small Steps “Never Give Up” By Nick Vujicic

April 22, 2015 Comments (0)


The art of small steps. I don’t ask not for miracles and visions, Lord, but for the strength for my everyday life. Teach me the art of small steps. Make my grip firm at the right time. Give me the instinct to find out what is principal and what secondary. Remind me of the fact that the heart often strikes against the mind. Send me somebody at the right moment, which has the courage to say the truth in love. You know how much we need friendship. Give that I am equal to this most beautiful, most difficult, most risky and delicate gift of life. Give me the necessary imagination to deliver a package of goodness at the right place, at the right moment – with or without words. Save me from the fear I could miss life. Do not give me what I wish for, but rather what I need. Teach me the art of small steps! The art of small steps… is the art of accepting what is… the art of enjoying what is… the art to believe and trust in life… I wish you this strength for your everyday life! And that you will still discover wonders therein that make your heart bounce! Whoever has decided to do something, and thinks of nothing else, will overcome all obstacles. Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (1725 – 1798). And the wise pickup artist should know it… Only last year, on 2 April, he celebrated his 285th birthday… but his words have not lost anything in validity in all contexts… If our will is strong enough, then it is easy for us to take steps, become active… It is important to act instead of waiting… I wish you this power and strength – stick to it, it is worth a thousand times! *smile*

In the picture you see Nick Vujicic… Inspiring Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, talks about the topic: “Life without Walls” in the following videos. His extreme disability does not keep him from thinking positively. On the contrary: If people say to him: “You are not able to do this!” his answer is: “Why not?” Instead of complaining about his destiny, Nick Vujicic is a wonderful role model for people with and without disabilities. He is a shining example for all those who feel underprivileged in any way of their lives, and he is the proof of the fact that you can overcome any obstacle, in particular if you have LIVE on your side.

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