INSIGHTS Into The Role Of Varick Addler In The German SAT.1 TV Series “FATES – My Dream, Your Dream”

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Varick Addler Is One Of The Most Amazing And Naturally Talented Actors

Varick Addler is one of the most amazing and naturally talented actors I have ever seen. The casting directors who worked with him have stated that he has something that others simply don’t have during sessions with him.

“Varick Addler is a super-sized version on Bruce Willis. His look is amenable to being a villain or hero and he will bring his talents across the pond to America and take the screen by storm”. -ABC Entertainment Casting & ASG Casting

On his resume there are a number of film schools that he attended including the Munich Film Academy in Germany and the New York Film Academy/Los Angeles. Apart from that he attended several masters’ classes and he continued to get role after role in every single major production in Germany. Today he is in the top ten leading actors in all of Germany. He has starred in several TV shows including FATES.

Varick Addler the famous German actor who has done so much work in the past is now working in a role offered to him in a German television show. The title “FATES” indeed holds a special meaning. It is not about how one meets their futile miserable end. The meaning of fate in this context that is used here is the encounter that makes one’s life turn around three hundred and sixty degrees around. The idea that somebody’s life can completely change the other way around for the better or in this case for the very worst.

For instance in one episode which will soon be featured live as the series begins to air in which a woman’s husband discovers he is cheating on her with a younger woman. This is a perfect example of this woman’s ideal world turning completely upside down. How true this is in life that the most unfair things often happen to good people who don’t deserve to be hurt in such disgusting and evil ways. People often ask themselves whether there is any excuse for cheating on someone. In another episode you celebrate with your friends at your bachelor party and you’re shocked to find that your fiancé secretly works as a stripper.

These stories are excellent because they uncover the true secret lives of the people that we know and see every day. It’s funny how you might think that you know someone but in the end your really don’t. You only know one good side of this person, but you don’t know any of the horrible aspects of their life. Now the point of this TV-series is not to give people a black and white worldview version of reality. We need everybody to understand that life is not about perfection every great artist in history knows that the real beauty lies in imperfection. However Varick’s role is important in this TV show as it will show his ability to express the grief-stricken emotions of the person who discovered the truth about the people they loved and trusted the most, and how much they got hurt when they found out who the person really was.

In each episode everything is normal and there is a sense of stable order. And then suddenly everything changes within seconds it seems, and nothing is for certain anymore. A man tells the fateful minutes of his life and what changes have caused this. I think that these episodes are more than just serious entertainment. They are what the storytellers of many people’s lives and what many of us have been through. There is probably nothing worse than the disappointment one feels when our loved ones have betrayed us.

Varick casts the role of Klaus Wieland (47); Architect. Right after graduation, he won a tender, founded his own company, became a star. Not at least because Anna (his wife) always kept his back free. For him, it is obvious that Anna does everything for him. And the fact that his dream also has to be her dream. /What he fights for/ When Anna cares for her crashed mother and he flies ahead alone to New York, it is crystal clear to him that Anna does simply fast everything at home and follows then. He needs his wife there. In the end, he must accept Anna’s decision that “now it’s her turn” to realize her own dream – without him. drama/conflict / TYPE: Attractive successful man, ambitious, communicative.

The show portrays Varick and just by the looks we can all tell that this man is truly one of the greatest marketable and talented actors for the role. One of the best roles Varick has ever played in is action movies and thrillers. It’s just an easy thing for him. There is the tough look that he has, but on the other hand what’s good is that there is a gentle side to this man that allows him to play kinder roles. This is what makes this man so interesting, and unique. He can play these tough action roles, and then he can transform himself into another character, and become a brilliant down-to-earth sort of person.

Varick Addler has been through many things and these experiences have helped shape him into being the actor he is today such as the experience of growing up in Germany during times of chaos. What is also another great quality that separates Varick from other actors is his ability to take direction, and also to listen to others. As one of his colleagues once stated he is neither ego-driven nor is he laid back.

He pursues his goal with true confidence.

Allow me to make myself clear. True confidence is not telling oneself maybe I will get it but maybe I won’t. Real confidence is not phony, but is genuine, and it includes somebody believing in themselves even in desperate times when nobody believes in them. This is pretty hard to find among the majority of people out there. As much as this may seem like almost common sense to some of us, to others it takes a while to understand. However Varick must have learned this from an early age and this is what led him to achieving greater successes than other actors.

There is a great competition out there in the acting world. People always keep asking which is why I explain for emphasis, why is it that few actors really make it in the industry? The answer is simple in theory. In practice it can best be explained that actors are like people everywhere else searching for a job by going to job interviews, and some people get a job while others don’t. However the reason is largely skills combined with lots of confidence and all of this is usually magnified ten times in the more successful person.


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