Elvis Alive #1 – Who knows this man on Graceland?

February 20, 2017 Comments (0)

Who is this man on the video?
He does not act like an employee. He moves very self-confidently and apparently gives instructions to another person.

Hello, my dear Presley family.

I would like to briefly introduce myself to prevent any misunderstandings: my name is Varick Addler. I am a well-known German actor and music lover. As a child, I discovered my love for the music of Mr. Elvis A. Presley. I’d grown up listening to his music, bought my first Elvis album when I was nine and since then I’m reading every little detail about his life.

Once heard, Elvis Presley, with its own rhyming music, is never forgotten. Often imitated, yet utterly distinctive.
Perfect for radio, where artists were made and broken in the 1950s and 1960s, technically superb, with a range of at least three octaves and a versatility – he won Grammys for his gospel performances, broke hearts with his ballads and changed the world with his rock and roll – that Sinatra simply couldn’t match.

I am not a follower of conspiracy theories (though I must say that Elvis Presley’s letter to President Nixon is already a great basis for speculation –

And quite credible !!

But there are more questions that still threw me.

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