Communicate as Captain Kirk once: with the legendary Star Trek Communicator.

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Detail true and fully functional 1:1 replica. Officially licensed by CBS.

For fans of the science fiction cult show of 1966 is the legendary Star Trek Communicator the forefathers of all mobile phones.

And for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek cult show, the future vision for the 23rd century has become a reality.

Probably the coolest way to make calls.

Simply connect the Star Trek Communicator to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Incoming calls announce themselves with the characteristic beep sequence and are staged by flipping up the gold-colored antenna lattice and push-button – accompanied by the original “Zwitscher” sound and the effectively circular moire disc. Close and re-keystroke ends the call. You can initiate your own calls using voice control or the function “dial last number”.

Designed for 3D scans of the last props model with original soundfiles and voice clips.

Every detail, all materials and textures are original-faithfully and partly by 3D-printer generated.

A button press is sufficient: already sounds from the built-in speakers “Captain Kirk, message from Starfleet Command – top priority.” from Uhura or “Can you give us your present location, Captain?” by Spock … 20 well-known soundfiles are installed.

This is the way to inspire partygoers and friends.

The magnetic docking station is a stylish stand and charging station in one.

The built-in speakers also enable wireless music listening from the smartphone, tablet, laptop, … up to 5m away, transmitted via Bluetooth.

With the announcement “Power Cell drained” and red light-up the left jewel, the Communicator announces charging requirements. Charging time approx. 4 hrs.

Delivery including transport box and protective cover. Made of metal and plastic. Measures 22 x 13.9 x 4.6 cm. Communicator weighs 150 g, docking station weighs 125 g.

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