Probably the coolest universal remote control. Must-have for Star Trek fans!

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TITAN Media Group Rösch GbR offers the legendary Type 2 Phaser from the science fiction cult series – reproduced in detail on the scale 1:1.

Real Star Trek fans recognize immediately: This universal remote is a detailed replica of the legendary Type 2 Phaser, which Captain Kirk and crew always carried on a dangerous mission.

Made after 3D scans of the last props model. CBS officially licensed.

Original equipped with detachable “MK I Phaser Unit”. With a luminous “Dilithium Crystal Energy Cell” (in reality, a Li-Polymer Battery supplies the current). And complete with a variety of authentic Phaser and Star Trek sounds, which make the 1:1 replica finally a cult object.

Ingenious Gesture-Control boggles guests and makes giant fun. A panning with the phaser: And your TV turns on, the Hi-Fi-System becomes quieter or louder … The trick: Built-in acceleration sensors recognize your hand movements and convert them into infrared control signals. Program freely 27 codes using 9 gestures on 3 memory locations each.

Using the original remote control, you can assign any key command to each gesture. Effortlessly, the phaser even “learns” the commands of several remote controls. To control at the same time TV, DVD player, music system, …

On its stylish magnetic stand prominently in view and with a handle ready for use.

Made of high quality metal and plastic. Li-Polymer Battery via USB to charge (cable included). Delivery includes “Weapon Box”.

Measures a total of 20 x 5 x 16 cm. Phaser weighs approx. 250 g, stand approx. 140 g.

Universal – remote control – Star Trek Phaser

Order No.: 222409, Available from stock
Desired delivery date: 6 weeks
249.95 Euro incl. VAT, plus forwarding charges


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