‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Varick Addler is a super-sized version on Bruce Willis

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“Varick Addler (aka Daniel D. Martin) is a super-sized version on Bruce Willis. His look is amenable to being a villain or hero and he will bring his talents across the pond to America and take the screen by storm”, say the Casting Directors from ABC Entertainment Casting & ASG Casting.
First of all Varick Addler is not just a brilliant and talented actor, but also someone who has the best looks for it. In fact Varick Addler is a super-sized version of Bruce Willis. His look is amenable to being a villain and a hero at the same time, and he will bring his talents across
the pond to America and take the screen by storm. Despite these artists being two different people, they have some unique physical characteristics that give them a lot in common.
Now let’s look at some of the pros of Varrick Addler looking like Bruce Willis. The first one is that he can play the hero obviously. Bruce Willis is very good-looking and therefore Varick’s image would become even better than it already is. As we have seen from Bruce Willi’s performance he has played several military roles in the movies. This gives Varick Addler even more of a benefit to look similar to Bruce Willis because he can play in more heroic roles involving army generals, action heroes, soldiers, and spies. However Varick has also stated many times in the past and even now that there are quite a lot of cons to being another version of Bruce Willis. For instance he has told us that some people actually confuse the two of them. Life isn’t easy after all when you’re working as a professional, actor and you sometimes feel like your living in somebody else’s shadow. Unfortunately for Varick this will be the case and he had to deal with this phenomenon of looking almost exactly like Bruce Willis throughout his whole career as an actor. However he is a lucky man in many ways. But every success has it’s burdens and another one of those burdens is that he somehow picked up Bruce Will’s acting style.
Although it isn’t easy being both Bruce Willis and Varick Addler all in the same body it’s certainly fun. There is probably nothing better than being approached by casting directors and filmmakers and being told that you somehow resemble one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Bruce Willis is also the eight highest grossing actor in a lead role in Hollywood. Now looking like Bruce Willis has allowed Varick to land lots of roles that pertain to his broad shoulders and his good looks. As long as Varick keeps up with the good acting skills that he has acquired over his long life as an actor I don’t see why he shouldn’t be able to star in major action movies. Varick would be an excellent action hero who would be so brilliant he would stand out from the rest when put on the camera in front of everybody.
Now in essence Varick will be getting ready, and looking almost like Bruce Willis will help him in playing good spy roles, and films like James Bond. For an actor with the sort of physical features of someone like Varick Addler who can’t help but look like a real film star the sky is the limit. Varick never minded looking like another movie star, but it can be a hassle sometimes. Most people would kill themselves to look like Bruce Willis, and Varick isn’t complaining. All he’s trying to say is that being similar look-wise to another celebrity has it’s good sides and bad sides.


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