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To filmmakers, Hollywood is what Paris is for painters. For most hopeful young actors, however, Hollywood and all the fame and fortune that go with it, is just a long way from home. Few have actually made it there, but that hasn’t stopped the many from trying. The “NIHRFF Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival Award” Winner, Varick Addler, would be a great cast for the upcoming THE EXPENDABLES 4 movie.

❞The Expendables stories are too well positioned as it can only be a Trilogy … there are so much more stories to be told and other people’s lives which MUST be brought into theaters. With “Expendables 4” a dream would be come true for me. My future colleagues were the heroes of my childhood. I am a big fan of the Expendables stories and the characters introduced in them. I am an INDUSTRY HOLLYWOOD youngster and I also have no big action name, BUT I am sure that I have the interest, imagination, and unorthodoxy to be a powerful BIG-BANG-ACTION-PERFORMER – like the other Expendables guys❞, says Varick Addler.

Mr. Sean Brian Santry (Casting Director/ Executive Producer) took this in a public blog post as follows: ❞Hello, first and foremost there are actors and then there are barbarian type actors that when these type actors walk into a room they command attention – this next actor Varick Addler is without a doubt… just an incredible actor hands down very talented, gifted actor so without further adieu – let’s all welcome this great actor who is a colleague here on my timeline as well as my agency and I’m proud to have him as part of my family and he currently is being considered for several upcoming productions that I’m currently casting❞.

❞I think I am the great supporting cast that brings the film and the main character shine. You also never know what’s going to come along that will be the next Silence of the Lambs, because there are those movies out there where it’s more important to have the villain be interesting: often it’s that [villain] role that, like Heath or Tom Hardy [in the Dark Knight franchise] that run away with the movie❞.

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