Indiegogo Epic-Movie “SATANIC VERSES – A New Era” – ANNOUNCED CAST (updated daily)

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ANNOUNCED CAST (updated daily)

An Indiegogo/Kickstarter Epic-Movie, a modern “Lord of the Rings”, has surpassed thousands of enthusiastic submissions from actors and actresses within the last weeks.

Let me express my gratitude: Thank you very much for your interest and your trust in our production.

The casting process has just begun and we owe each individual application the attention it deserves. We’ll start soon reviewing the received applications and to build up our Creative List on IMDb with potential candidates – if you match the criteria you will be added to the Creative List and you will get a confirmation Email.

So, we ask for patience and confidence: we will contact you as soon as possible, discuss the further application steps and, if necessary, invite you to a suitable audition or a Skype interview.

We respect every application, whether it comes from a business newcomer or from a well-known Insider.

ANNOUNCED CAST (updated daily)


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) | The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) | Game of Thrones (2011)

Role: Marcatonio

He’s the leader of a group of three supernatural beings and one human which was formed by an angel. Marcatonio’s a giant with a height of almost 7ft. Of Spanish Egyptian descent, Marcatonio has super strength as one of his powers. He’s also skilled in using guns and swords. Marcatonio owns lots of weapons, most of which are not from the human realm.

He’s told by Andrew of Michael’s mission and gets his team to stop him. He and his team pay a visit to the Corlandt’s home and their suspicions are confirmed when they read Marie’s notes. He’s determined to stop Michael but they have no idea where he’s. Other missions will slow him and his team down in finding Marcatonio.

He’s endowed with a lot of knowledge about the spiritual realm and knows the world will be in chaos if Lucifer is allowed into the world.

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to be continued…

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