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“SATANIC VERSES – A New Era” is a modern “Lord of the Rings”, a jumper to the worlds of ancient times – combined with family affairs, love, crime, mysticism, a touch of conspiracy from the state and church to maintain the structures of power and the epic walk between the known & unknown worlds. While it’s part of a seven-book sequel, this first story has the right dose of tragedy and triumph to kickstart a new sensation movie series.

Written by acclaimed author Varick Addler, this movie is currently in a pre-production status, and we already secured the prized participation of an awarded Creative-Team, to realize this epic film, as well as the commended production power of Chris Waymon, from Gate City Management, who is the movie’s Co-Producer.

Main Producer is the German based TITAN Media Group; a young company with great ambitions and much greater visions!

Together with our partners from the Entertainment Industry worldwide, we are “the last of the Shamans, the Keepers of Fantasy, Knights Templar of the Creative!!” with best contacts.

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❞ STORY ❞ (Read Into the Story)

Lucifer’s call: enslavement disguised as liberation

It all started ages ago when Lucifer said ‘no’. What was disguised as a daring act of liberation was nothing but a trap for temptation, betrayal and damnation, which ended up pushing humans to the edge of hell. As it turned out, the liberator was really a slave master who wanted to rule over the realm of human beings. And, in our story, Michael Corlandt is the personification of this dramatic position where the humankind was placed.

A happily married ordinary American citizen, Michael was happy with his life and in love with his wife. A father of two, his life his seemingly idyllic existence ended up being faced with shadows. As the inequalities of the world strike him, and as he falls victim of oppression, Michael begins to doubt. He becomes obsessed with news, and he wastes no opportunity to express his anger – which drains him from his skills, plans, feelings and peaceful nature.

His dreams turn into nightmares, and he comes to a point in which a trip to the Pyramids of Giza where, unlike his wife and children, he sees what is beyond everyone’s eyes, and what had remained unseen for ages: the first seal of darkness. That takes him into the world of Lucifer, at first apparently allowing Michael to become a new man, feeling a fresh rebirth, but really leaving him subdued to the wishes and commands of Lucifer. Suddenly, the devoted father kidnaps his sons to surrender them to Lucifer, which prompts Marie to engage in a harsh journey to find and claim back her family.

Will Marie succeed in getting her family back? Can a man who fell into disgrace come back?

And, which efforts, which sacrifices, which commitments, and which consequences come with the humankind’s struggle to come back from the shadows that initially look temptingly bright?

This is the story that you won’t want to miss in “Satanic Verses – New Era”, the movie that you get to produce.

After the “Lord Of The Rings”: The New Sensation Movie


You can take your acting role in this movie and help make history in Hollywood by:

❶ Open Investor Roles
We are seeking a Producer, a creative collaborator who builds and oversees the film’s production apparatus, secures financing for the film and rides point on its distribution and marketing. He initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, contracting and arranging for distributors. He is involved throughout all phases of the process from development to completion of a project. IF YOU ARE A PRODUCER driven by passion and willing to face obstacles, who is looking for original material to work with an enthusiastic Storyteller to start making a great film – then I would love to talk to you.

❷ Open Actor/Actress Roles
Thank you very much for your interest in being part of our action-thriller film project. Mail your moving application including your filming resume to The casting process has just begun and we owe each individual application the attention it deserves. We’ll start soon reviewing the received applications and to build up our Creative List on IMDb with potential candidates – if you match the criteria you will be added to the Creative List and you will get a confirmation Email. So, we ask for patience and confidence: we will contact you as soon as possible, discuss the further application steps and, if necessary, invite you to a suitable audition or a Skype interview. We respect every application, whether it comes from a business newcomer or from a well-known Insider.

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