CASTING UPDATES for our upcoming “Industry Hollywood” Movie Productions

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We are overwhelmed by the thousands of applications and thank you for the great interest. Unfortunately, this also means that we can not answer any email / message personally and need much more time to review all applications! Some characters / roles could be filled in the meantime or we have decided on a handful of candidates who will be invited to auditions or participate in a video audition in the next few weeks.

So, stay updated by visiting our IMDb site regularly:

Here you will find all upcoming production with detailed information about the development status, the budget, the crew, etc. and you can go forward to our Casting Notices.

Stay updated about our movies and get the latest Casting Notices ⓘ Casting Call, Casting Notices, Characters, open Crew Positions, etc…

A short Message to all Actors/Actresses who applied for one of our upcoming productions: ❞THANKS❞ to all the fellow friends who support us with their application! Our upcoming productions has surpassed thousands of enthusiastic submissions from actors and actresses. WE LOVE THAT. Every day, through our network of partners, we get the unique opportunity to inspire people, creativs of all departments and our audience – we love THAT! Filmmaking is a social event, so why not join together and support each other on the road to success.

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TITAN Media Group Rösch GbR is a young Film Productions Company with great ambitions and much greater visions! founded by award-winning actor, Varick Addler. Together with our partners from the Entertainment Industry worldwide, we are “the last of the Shamans, the Keepers of Fantasy, Knights Templar of the Creative!!” with best contacts.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und Enthusiasmus

-Martin Rösch
-Varick Addler
(Actor, Director, Writer, Producer)


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