Varick Addler is fast becoming the one to watch, but how is he set to become the new big Hollywood star?

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Varick Addler is a famous actor from Germany who is a Meissner trained actor, but that’s not all. He is also a Hollywood producer, writer, and director. However he didn’t have an easy beginning. In fact like everyone else he started small but worked his way up to the top starting from nothing. That is part of the reason why Varick Addler the German actor made it to the top in his own country because of the ability to not only work hard but also to keep himself motivated.

The ideal way is to keep going because weak moments will always be there and there’s no stopping them. As Varick Addler himself believes in order to be enthusiastic from a vision, is probably one of the oldest, most natural and most fundamental principles by which people inspire themselves and others.

Germany has a lot of claims to fame. The country has produced innovative scientists, ground-breaking philosophers, brilliant artists and composers, not to mention some of the best beers in the world; and with award-winning actor Varick Addler on the list, they can count captivating screen talent among their many notable attributes.

“And yes, you are right … I am the great supporting cast that brings the film and the main character shine because it’s more important to have the villain be interesting – it’s that [villain] role that run away with the movie. Honestly, I like that fantasy action genre. As a child, I discovered my love of books, reading, and stories, devouring the works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Branch Cabell, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Moorcock, Ursula K. LeGuin, Gene Wolfe, and G.K. Chesterton”.

Varick Addler was born on Aug 20, 1971 in a small town in Germany to Marianne, a secretary at Siemens Health Care, and Herbert Roesch, head of department at M.A.N. Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG HVAC. He has one brother, Peter.

He finished the “Acting for Film Conservatory Bachelor/Master Program” at NYFA New York Film Academy (Los Angeles). He’s an well known William Esper trained Actor and Novelist.

As a child he discovered his love of books, reading, and stories, devouring the works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Branch Cabell, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Moorcock, Ursula K. LeGuin, Gene Wolfe, and G.K. Chesterton.

Varick Addler is an engaging fiction author determined to follow the footsteps of C.S. Lewis as a master of various genres, writing with the heart of a vivacious Imaginer dedicated to entertaining and putting forth the light of the world based on his faith and visions.

The world is not black and white and Varick doesn’t see a reason his fictional worlds must be written as such, so he writes multicultural, interracial stories with suspense, love, science fiction and action. He writes a range of genres including poetry, mystery, suspense romance, science fiction and adventure stories.

In 2012 Varick Addler took home the Audience Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role at the Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival (NIHRFF) for his remarkable performance in the film “Mimikry – Upside Down”. Early on in his career Addler honed his skills at some of the most recognizable acting school across the globe, including the NYFA New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, the William Esper School in New York, the Munich Film Academy and more.

With a plethora of lead roles in film and television projects that span virtually every genre, Addler’s brilliant repertoire of work reveals him as an actor with impressive range, one who easily inhabits his characters and seamlessly brings them to life on screen.

One of Addler’s first professional roles on screen came nearly a decade ago when he played a key Soldier in the 2008 action film “The German”, which took home the Nando Award from the Novara Cine Festival. Directed by Nick Ryan, whose 2012 documentary “The Summit” was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival and earned the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Documentary and Best Feature Documentary, as well as the Boulder International Film Festival’s BIFF Award for Best Adventure Film, “The German” gave viewers the first taste of Varick Addler’s unparalleled skill in the action genre– an area of his craft that he’s become increasingly well-known for on an international level in years since.

Since his debut action role in “The German”, Addler has gone on to give memorable performances in a pretty impressive list of well-known action-packed films and series including the 2010 Golden Globe nominated film “Red” starring Golden Globe Winner Bruce Willis (“Die Hard”) and Oscar Award winner Helen Mirren (“The Queen”), CBS’s two-time Primetime Emmy Award winning series “CSI: Miami” and the Primetime Emmy nominated crime series “NCIS: Los Angeles” starring Golden Globe nominee Chris O’Donnell (“Batman & Robin”), “Law & Order: LA” and Germany’s long-running cop drama “Tatort”, which has earned over 96 award including seven Bambi Awards and six Adolf Grimme Awards, one of the most prestigious awards presented in German television.

While Addler’s appeal as an action star is undeniable, his magnetism on-screen is by no means limited to the fast-paced, heart-pumping genre alone.

German audiences will immediately recognize Addler for his recurring lead role as Johnas Schneller on the hit romantic drama series “Verbotene Liebe”, aka “Forbidden Love”, which earned the Golden Rose Award at the Rose d’Or Light Entertainment Festival. The long-running series initially centered on the wealthy Anstetten family and the middle-class Brandner family– specifically on the forbidden love between Jan Bradner and Julia von Anstetten which, although unknown to them, are twins separated at birth.

As the series progressed “Verbotene Liebe” moved away from the drama of Jan and Julia’s love affair and centered instead on a new family, the Lahnsteins, and that’s when viewers really get to see Addler in action. A family with dark and dirty secrets by the plenty, Addler’s character comes onto the show as the unpredictable and abusive father of series star Tanja von Lahnstein, played by Miriam Lahnstein (“The Peppercorns”).

Over the course of the series Addler reveals his ability to go from charismatic to manipulative and downright scathing. Addler breathes such vile life into Johnas Schneller that he easily became the show’s character everyone loved to hate. Out of all his atrocious acts though, the worst and most defining comes when Schneller who, in the middle of beating his daughter Tanja, pushes his son Thomas down the stairs to his death. To make matters worse, Schneller blames the murder on Tanja, a key plot points that sends Tanja into a mental institution for several years after her brother’s death.

“It was a very challenging role, since it is not easy to deal properly with the issue of child abuse. I am now father myself of two little boys and the thought that something could happen to my children makes me very sad and angry. More incomprehensible how a father can torment his own child in such a way”, Addler admits.

“It was a very challenging role, since it is not easy to deal properly with the issue of child abuse. I am now father myself of two little boys and the thought that something could happen to my children makes me very sad and angry. More incomprehensible how a father can torment his own child in such a way”, Addler admits.

While fans of Tanja’s character were understandably thrilled when Addler’s character was reported to have died as she did time in an institution, Tanja was far from being free of her noxious father. The series brought Schneller back again and again as a ghost returning from the dead to haunt Tanja with repeated attacks, which says a lot about the character, and the actor, as he was clearly too strong of a draw factor for audiences for the show’s creators to let him die out.

With a number of riveting performances in both European and U.S. productions, Varick Addler has established an indelible reputation for himself as a captivating and dynamic performer whose boundary pushing talent allows him to portray characters within every genre.

“As Actors, as Novelists -as Artists- we are the last of the Shamans, the Keepers of Fantasy, Knights Templar of the Creative! And I think it also helps if you are a Dreamer. I had my dreams all right. And that is something no one can ever take away. They cost nothing, and they can be as real as you like to make them. You own your dreams and they are priceless. I’ve been a lavatory attendant, a theatre usher, a panhandler, and preferably the next “Bad Guy”, all for real. That’s the stuff my dreams are made of”.

Up next for Addler is the highly-anticipated action film “Out for Vengeance” directed by Angel Film Award winner Salar Zarza.

Thankfully there are numerous dedicated fans out there and Varick Addler wants to expand on his talents in the entertainment industry by moving to America and pursuing every actor’s Hollywood dream. He now has a chance to do so by coming to the United States. Moving to Hollywood is a big step however Varick Addler has two things that will help him crush any obstacle that stands in his way: persistence and dedication.

He is both persistent by working long hours on his character and spending time understanding the material that is being given to him. Many people have had the pleasure of working with this amazing actor. He is hardworking and extremely motivated. He says that he doesn’t believe in any unsolvable tasks. Only challenges that need to be faced and conquered, and Varick knows that with the inexhaustible energy and positive attitude that he has he will have it all.

What distinguishes Varick Addler from the other actors is that he has interest, creativity, imagination, and unorthodoxy necessary to pursue this goal of being the next best up-and-coming actor in the movie industry.

Varick Addler is the type of actor who you can always count on to deliver as an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, and book writer. There is no other way to do a job like the one Hollywood wants you to do. Everybody in Hollywood and every major great artist in history has had to do something in the past which was the project that defined their greatness. Varick has several of these successes, but he is not limited to just one of them as he has many talents.

Varick is the sort of man who didn’t stop and wait for his first big break in acting or any other part of the entertainment industry. He continued pushing himself by just going for what he dreamed of which is to become an actor. Knowledge is power is what we often here people say. And Varick Addler probably the best actor in Germany is also keen to acknowledge this. But this time he isn’t alone for he has the best acting coaches and trainers. They saw how far he had gotten and when Hollywood and the entertainment industry sees some potential and sees someone trying they never stop to lend a helping hand every once in a while. In order for an actor to grow and develop and mature the actor has to move beyond his borders so to speak to a place much more nurturing towards his talents.

In Varick’s case he is so good of an actor to the point that one could say he had outgrown Germany and the acting world located in that nation. He now needs to move on to the bigger side of the industry. And there is no better and no safer place to grow one’s talents in the entertainment industry than in Hollywood. Despite some people occasionally objecting to the contrary Hollywood is a blooming ground for fresh talent and it’s a safe haven for all artists. Everybody is allowed to express themselves and Varick needs to be able to show people how creative he is.

Varick went to the Munich Film Academy in Munich, Germany where he first learned about serious acting and film production. This laid the grounds for his future acting aspirations and ambitions. There is no saying that the academy shaped his views necessarily. It merely perfected them. You cannot change or shape an artist’s views. You can only perfect what he already has, but the rest is something he needs to find deep inside of him. Only a true artist can find a place in his heart deep within him to express the emotions that everybody else feels around them.

Every single performance has an effect on the audience, and Varick has study with care what it is that makes people react a certain way and how the actor can get that reaction from the audience. Acting is not an easy job, but if somebody can put themselves in other people’s shoes they can conquer the audience. Varick is no mere sensation. He knows what he’s doing, is very easy to work with, has a good work ethic, and really knows how to put himself in the other characters shoes. This shows how intelligent of an actor he is.


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