One of my absolute favorites: THE EXPENDABLES

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One of my absolute favorites: THE EXPENDABLES with many great colleagues who were the heroes of my childhood.! The Expendables stories are too well positioned as it can only be a Trilogy… there are so much more stories to be told and other people’s lives which must be brought into theaters. I am a big fan of the Expendables stories and the characters introduced in them. For me it’s primarily about my favorite topic: restitution. Each of us regrets something in his life and wishes he could go back in time to change it. Thus, the action also works for the audience, the story needs a contact point, a tangible conflict. And that starts almost always where you can see the people and their problems behind the warrior. This everlasting legend: the strong help the weak in hopeless situations. I don’t believe there are any unsolvable tasks. There are only challenges that need to be faced. With inexhaustible energy and a positive attitude, I invest my everything into every project and commit my entire ability to it.

The whole story here

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