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Monthly Book Giveaway

Welcome to the Varick Addler Monthly Book Giveaway! This is a completely free giveaway available to readers, authors, and anyone who loves to read! Each month I provide a Kindle copy of my books to be given away and – as a special – the chance to be one of the first people in the world to read into the unfinished book of “Satanic Verses – A New Era”.

Get a Varick Addler Monthly Book Giveaway! and win either the love-drama “Rainbow Bridge”, a legendary love story such as Pretty Woman, a romantic drama about a second chance of hope and the turmoils on the the search for happiness. It’s a dark cautionary tale with conflicts, everyday problems, seductions, setbacks, and deeply moving emotional moments … or the historical Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller “Time Captured (Zeitgefangen)” with a fascinating alternative reality element to it, as the main protagonist time-travels between his old and horrific past as an architect of the Holocaust and his present-day existence where Hitler is once again at the helm of the Nazi party and Germany.

Both books got a 5 star rating from Readers’ Favorite and was nominated for the 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Best Book Award.

“SATANIC VERSES – A New Era” is a modern “Lord of the Rings”, a jumper to the worlds of ancient times – combined with family affairs, love, crime, mysticism, a touch of conspiracy from the state and church to maintain the structures of power and the epic walk between the known & unknown worlds.


When someone is interested in any of these books, click the link to the author’s IMDb page, give this fb post a friendly “Like” and leave a comment including which book is selected!


On the first of every month we will pick a few winner at random and they will get all the books they selected. We will email them the Kindle Gift Claim Code or we send the EBooks directly to them.

All we ask is that when you finish reading the book that you post a review on the Amazon books page or here in the comment section. Reviews are critical to the success of authors, and we would greatly appreciate you sharing your honest comments about our book.

May fate be with you!

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