Adriaen Valéry Burgis plays Manfred “Manni” Steiner in the German cult series IM NAMEN DER GERECHTIGKEIT.

December 3, 2019 Comments (0)

Today in SAT.1 aired an old episode (Season 2 Episode 200) of the German cult serie IM NAMEN DER GERECHTIGKEIT … I love these german-language film shoots … I’ve played Manfred “Manni” Steiner (bar owner) … great team, great time! Memories of long gone days on German television; … nice time with many interesting experiences and great colleagues. I never want to miss this time …

IM NAMEN DER GERECHTIGKEIT is a program on German television by Sat.1 with an average rating of 3.4 stars of the visitors. There are 1,049 episodes of IM NAMEN DER GERECHTIGKEIT.

Since the twins Lisa and Emma Bergmann have become famous through an advertising campaign, they are being followed by a stalker. The scary attacks on the girls are on the increase and her desperate mother asks Alexander Stephens for help. He wants to put the stalker together with the detective Sebastian Fuchs. For this they need vigilant …

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