SATANIC VERSES (A New Era) CHAPTER III – XVIII The Marie-Therese Corlandt-Chronicles

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CHAPTER III – XVIII The Marie-Therese Corlandt-Chronicles

“We all know the feeling, you open the book, read a page, read one more and before you know it you couldn’t put the book down if your life depended on it. Each word rolls off of the page and paints a story that has your mind wondering where it can go next. We all know the feeling we get when we read THIS kind of book and that is exactly what we have on our hands here… An epic novel that will lend itself to be an incredible film.” -Reader’s Digest
“In our blink and you miss it society, most of us rely on technology for everything. But this book teaches us about experiences, imagination and the human race. While it is fun and twisty plotline, it also has a serious message that everyone can learn from. This book will make you believe in the art of storytelling again. Hearing this story is a remarkable way to reinforce your belief in the power of words.” -Fiction Advocate
The Marie-Therese Corlandt-Chronicles
Welcome, thank you very much for joining our epic thriller site. All we need to make this a Reality is the support of people like you! Become a part of our creative minds, and you’ll be an integral link bringing this vision to life!
[I am] part of that power,
Who always wants evil and always creates death.
I am the spirit that always denies!
And rightly so. Because everything that arises is worth destroying.
So it would be better that nothing would arise.
So everything you call sin, destruction, shortly evil
Is my real element.
Finally we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
Revenge will finally be ours.
Evil has many names – they come from different languages and different beliefs, both in Christianity and in Satanism. The most well-known names for the evil are Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub. Satan is described as the prince of hell. Lucifer, however, is a reference to the fallen angel, the name means “light bearer”. We also know the names Abbadon (the destroyer), Asmodi (the devastator), Behemot (the beast), Belial (the evil), Diabolus (the slanderer) or Mephisto (the enemy of light). Other less common names are Astarot, Baphomet and Leviathan. Humans have always tried to explain the existence of evil. Whatever name evil has, it stands for the inevitable: it just waits to be awakened and to step into the light; with the aim of bringing eternal darkness over humanity!
This is where our this story begins…
Come with us on a fascinating journey into the past and become part of a story that has what it takes to become a legend.
This incredible new book: The Unnamed Black Book will take you on a wild ride of choice through a post-apocalyptic setting. Many will be able to relate to the choices that the main character has to make, while we don’t have to choose between saving the world or our family. We often face tough choices in life that this novel metaphorically references. A journey like this cannot go untold and that is why we need you to take this book to the masses.
It’s fascinating. Keep an eye on it!
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