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Terminator: Dark Fate is the sixth installment of the franchise and a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The film is intended as the first in a new trilogy of Terminator films. In the film, the machines send a Terminator, Rev-9 (Luna), back in time to eliminate Dani Ramos (Reyes), whose destiny is linked to the Human Resistance’s war against them. The Resistance sends one of their soldiers Grace (Davis) back to protect her, and a chain of events lead Grace and Dani to join forces with Sarah Connor and the T-800.

In the franchise, Judgment Day (a reference to the biblical Day of Judgment) is referred to as the date on which Skynet becomes self-aware, decides to exterminate humanity, and launches a nuclear attack on Russia to provoke a nuclear counter-strike against the United States.

Due to time travel and the consequent ability to change the future, several differing dates are given for Judgment Day.

TX-1.TERMINATOR (Final Battle) and TX-1.TERMINATOR (New Era) follows the events in Terminator: Dark Fate and brings the world to the brink of the abyss with the newly modulated TX-1.TERMINATOR (Adriaen Valéry Burgis) – Judgment Day is within reach! And the Resistance isn’t up to the versatile TX-1.TERMINATOR, a battle with new machines, the most modern in the form of robots, trying to destroy the world as we know it!!

While he’s widely hailed as a visionary director, James Cameron likely had no idea just how unwieldy the Terminator franchise would become when he first sent a from the future to eliminate Sarah Connor in 1984. Since then, the Terminator timeline has grown into the past and the future through four more movies and a TV show – not to mention numerous books, comics and videogames.

That expansion has meant a lot of time travel and rewriting of history, meaning the Terminator timeline is now a complex beast – far less linear than the chronologies of the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. History is repeatedly rewritten and character fates routinely altered as the Terminator saga branches off into numerous alternate timelines – there are at least three dates given for the world-ending Judgment Day, Sarah Connor has “died” a couple of times, and some instalments even pretend that previous movies never happened.

But no matter what history brought us here, this time the menace is different …

The fate of man is the machine.

Judgment Day is closer than ever before.

And no resistance is up to the TX-1!

Award-Winning Actor “Adriaen Valéry Burgis” COULD FOLLOW IN A LONG TRADITION OF GERMAN BAD GUYS and slip into the role of the TX-1.TERMINATOR who leads the final battle!!

All we need to make this a Reality is the support of people like YOU! to get the attention of the Industry Hollywood Casting Directors and Talent Agents for this versatile actor. You’ll be an integral link bringing this vision to life!

After a long break, award-winning actor, Adriaen Valéry Burgis, returns to the Hollywood Circus and can be seen in the highly-anticipated action film “Out for Vengeance” with martial arts legends Michel Qissi (“Kickboxer”) and Silvio Simac (“Transporter”) directed by Angel Film Award winner Salar Zarza and co-directed by Michael Dudikoff (“American Ninja”).

Due to his strong physical appeal he is intended for a large action role with many action scenes in the style of Jason Statham(“Transporter”). That role will definitly help boost his international star in action films.” says Salar Zarza.

Adriaen Valéry Burgis would now like to take the next step in my career and come up with strong credits in major US productions!

To filmmakers, Hollywood is what Paris is for painters. For most hopeful young actors, however, Hollywood and all the fame and fortune that go with it, is just a long way from home. Few have actually made it there, but that hasn’t stopped the many from trying.

I am the great supporting cast that brings the film and the main character shine because there are those movies out there where it’s more important to have the villain be interesting – it’s that [villain] role, like Heath Ledger or Tom Hardy [in the Dark Knight franchise], that run away with the movie“, says Adriaen.

His good friend and colleague Conan Stevens (“The Hobbit”, “Game of Thrones”) bluntly gave him the following advice: “As to getting strong international credits in major US productions you need to show you are at the top of actors! In this sense: Best to stay where you are and work at getting to the top!

In order to implement this well-intentioned advice, it is essential to have the right powerful audience who is interested in his film projects and who want to support him: you just have to take a look at his IMDb page and stay there for a short time

Knowing your type as an actor is essential!“, says Adriaen and continues: “Actors are virtually entrepreneurs, running their own business in this industry. One of the very first rules of entrepreneurship is to find your audience. The success of the business will depend on entrepreneur’s ability to find a circle of consumers interested in the product.

Adriaen is the great supporting cast that brings the film and the main character shine because there are those movies out there where it’s more important to have the villain be interesting – it’s that [villain] role, like Heath Ledger or Tom Hardy [in the Dark Knight franchise], that run away with the movie“. (Salar Zarza)

Germany has a lot of claims to fame. The country has produced innovative scientists, ground-breaking philosophers, brilliant artists and composers, not to mention some of the best beers in the world; and with award-winning actor Adriaen Valéry Burgis on the list, they can count captivating screen talent among their many notable attributes.

Adriaen is a super-sized version on Bruce Willis,” says the Industry Hollywood Casting Directors from ABC Entertainment Casting & ASG Casting. But the fictitious face of Adriaen in his older days looks more like Sir Sean Connery or Sir Patrick Stewart *smile! This award-winning and versatile actor could follow in a long tradition of charming German bad guys (i.e. Bond franchise, Star Wars or any other Marvel Universes).

We now look forward to your helpful support to boost Adriaen’s international carreer and we are very grateful!

Kind regards,
– Team Adriaen Valéry Burgis

I love what I do! Every day, I get the unique opportunity to inspire people with stories to be told and other people’s lives which must be brought into theaters! I love that! And I love to be a dreamer. I had my dreams all right. And that is something no one can ever take away. They cost nothing, and they can be as real as you like to make them. You own your dreams and they are priceless. I’ve been a lavatory attendant, a theatre usher, a panhandler, a superhero, or the next bad guy in a big franchise, all for real. That’s the stuff my dreams are made of.” says Adriaen.

You just have to take a look at his IMDb page and stay there for a short time!

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