UAV copter/drone

Media-Copter Service

Unforgettable pictures from a breathtakingly different perspective.

Inspire your clients with Aerial-View-Video Service!

Whether it is documenting an event or a live-streaming, camera drones put your event or business in the right perspective:

Inspire your clients with Aerial View!

  • New communication perspective.
  • Aerial photos create attention and emotions.
  • Present objects from an impressive perspective in highest quality.
  • More and more areas of application are made available by high-tech camera drones.

A top-down View always inspires.

Like the dream of flying, the ancient desire is to see the world from a divine perspective – from above!

Professional aerial photography is an advertising eye-catcher, but also interesting for constructors or solar plant operators. Using a thermo-graphic camera, technical assessments are quickly possible without much ado.

City festivals, sporting events or private receptions like weddings – we take off for you!


Application Cases:


  • Marketing, Advertising and Internet.
  • TV, Film and Video Production.
  • Real Estate: Aerial photos support real estate sales. Dues to the special perspective, properties shown from above appear to be more attractive and of higher quality. On top, your clients get a very good impression of the surroundings.
  • Events: Whether it is documenting an event or a live-streaming, camera drones put your event or business in the right perspective
  • Construction Documentation: Aerial photos offer an open and detailed documentation starting with the planning phase – from ground-breaking to the finalisation! Thanks to GPS control, all photos can always be taken from the exact same perspective.
  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Inspection: A service drone makes work easier and helps reducing overall project costs! It can fly extremely close up to the object and is a fantastic tool for checking buildings/places difficult to access. Drones help to realize maintenance jobs like examining solar panels, wind power plants and other structures at a low cost.






  • Full HD Videos and Aerial Photos with 18 Megapixel
  • Media-Copter is quick to engage and constitutes an efficient solution for aerial videos and photos.
  • All engines and rotors used in Media-Copter are low-noise and emission-free, making it suitable even for sensitive environments.
  • This system moving at low height enables pictures and videos from new, outstanding and spectacular perspectives.
  • Even indoor-flights like production hall or exhibit halls can be implemented with Media-Copter.
  • Media-Copter can be used for night vision projects within range of vision.
  • You can choose the magic moment – pick the perfect moment and press the camera shutter yourself.
  • Your material can be evaluated right after landing.
  • When using Media-Copter safety comes first! We do not fly over crowds or areas where our activities could endanger public order.

Application Cases:

  • Image Videos
  • TV Documentation
  • Music Video Production
  • Sport/Music Events
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Hotels and Leisure Centres
  • Sites and Tourist Attractions
  • Tourism
  • Insurance Claims / Expert Opinions
  • Forestry / Farming
  • Industry


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